Privacy Policy

In conclusion, depending on our relationship with you, we may use personal information in the following ways:

When necessary to deliver our products and service, such as to manage newsletter subscriptions, place orders, and advertise, and to handle customer support queries

We want to provide one view of our customer across all our sites and understand our customers, their preferences, and the general perceptions about our products and service.

Our Sites include interactive elements such as discussion forums, competitions and commenting.

Sending you marketing materials about our products or services we think may interest you;

Display digital advertising tailored to your interests on our Sites so that the ads you see online are more relevant.

We must manage our businesses and comply with law.

The Privacy Policy describes these activities in more detail, explains how you can exercise your rights, and covers any information collected about you online, offline (including by phone or mail), and includes our Cookie Policy.

1. Types of information we process and where it comes from

The information we process and collect about you is:

You may have given us personal and contact information, like your email or postal addresses, when you registered on our Site, entered a competition or sales promotion, attended an event or agreed to be sent marketing material by us or other parties.

You have given us information when you purchase products or ask for services or inquire about them.

Any information that you include in communications or posts on our Site, or in polls or quizzes or social media sites or other publicly accessible sources.

We may receive information about third-party products and services, or third parties that we use in certain areas of our business.

If we conduct a search of credit at an agency that provides credit searches, the information obtained is;

We may also obtain marketing lists from other parties.

Cookies on your device also allow us to collect data about you, such as your IP, MAC, and other identifying details, and information about the devices themselves, your location and information collected from advertising networks.

Please see the Cookie Policy for more details.

2. Use of Your Information

Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant products and services. Your personal data may be used by us and others as described below.

Your information will be used to evaluate your request for the products or services that we provide, and to conduct any necessary checks on your identity and credit history.

Your information will be used to administer and provide the products and service you’ve chosen to receive. This includes notifying you about changes or updates.

Your information will be used to create a unified customer view on all of our sites, and we’ll use it to understand our customers and their preferences as well as how they perceive our products and service.

Our Sites, and any products or services that we provide may be tailored to better suit your needs and interests.

The personal data we collect from our Sites can be used to analyze and measure the engagement level with our Sites, and to determine whether or not the communication that we send our customers is relevant. We may analyze your browsing habits and determine whether you have opened the emails we sent you.

You can choose to receive direct marketing messages (by email, telephone or post) from us about the products and services that we think you may find interesting. At any time, you can opt out of receiving direct marketing communication from us.

We use digital advertising to help fund news and other content on our Sites. It also allows us to offer some content free of charge. Our third-party advertising partners and we may show digital ads on our Sites tailored to your preferences and interests so that the online advertisements you see are relevant. Our Sites are delivered by a variety of third-party advertising partners. We use cookies, as well as other information about you, to tailor the ads that appear to your preferences, including email addresses, postal codes, and observed browsing behavior. Our third-party advertising partners do not receive identifiable information. When we match, share and use this data, it’s always been pseudonymised, meaning it has been converted into an encrypted series of letters and numbers to protect your privacy. When we use advertising cookies on our Sites, we always request your prior consent. If you give it, the cookie data will be combined with any other information that we have about you in order to show you digital advertising more tailored to your interests. You will see advertising online if you don’t give your consent, but it won’t be targeted to your preferences and interests.

Market research may be conducted to improve or create new products, services and offerings.

Analyses and modeling will be used to assess performance, identify trends, and evaluate internal processes. This insight may be shared with other companies, e.g. To demonstrate usage patterns to advertising partners, third parties and other businesses. We do not provide identifiable information to third parties. The insight that we offer in this regard is either aggregated or anonymous.

Your personal data will be used to administer and manage competitions, events and promotions offered by third-party partners.

We may, subject to applicable law, monitor, record, and store all correspondence, including emails, texts, messages on social media, meetings in person, and other communication. This is to (i) meet our legal obligations and regulations (ii), detect or prevent crime (iii), keep appropriate evidence records (iv), and protect our communication systems (v).

We will investigate your complaint or enquire about your product or service and use the information you provide to respond.

Your personal data will be used to ensure that we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and also monitor the compliance of our company. We will use your information to defend us against any claims made by you related to the delivery of our services.

We may also use your personal information for the management and administration of our business in general.

When you use social media to log in, such as Facebook or Google+ (e.g. You are giving permission for the social media site to provide us with your details. Your name and your email address will be combined to create a unique user ID.

You confirm, by sending us pictures or videos for publication, that all the individuals in the photo or video have given their consent. You confirm that if the image or video features children you have legal authority to give consent.

Who We Share Your Personal Information With

As part of our operations, we may share your information with third-party service providers or partners.

In good faith, we will share your personal information with relevant bodies or authorities, such as the police, Trading Standards, regulatory agencies, and other authorities, when required by law or court orders. You may be asked to share your information with credit agencies.

You may share your information with us to help facilitate the sale of a part of our company, or a restructuring of a portion of it. We also might do this with auditors such as the Audit Bureau of Circulation.


Cookies (small text file) and other tracking technologies are used to collect data about your visit when you use our Sites. Please see the Cookie Policy for more information on cookies and other tracking technologies, including how to disable them.


Our offices are located in the UK, Ireland and sometimes outside of the European Economic Area. We will ensure that appropriate safeguards, such as approved contract agreements or other contractual arrangements, are put in place if we transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area. On request, we can give you more details.