In The Fast Lane: Breaking Land Speed Records With New Tech

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A recent explosion of technology has made land speed records ripe for the breaking. From more efficient engines to revolutionary aerodynamics, advances in tech are thrusting cars and motorbikes faster than ever before. In this article we’ll explore how these new technologies are propelling vehicles into the history books!

Efficient Engines

One of the main ways drivers are undertaking record-breaking speed is through advances in engine design. At the forefront of this is the race-grade internal combustion engine. By perfecting the classic combustion cycle, highly efficient engines are now able to achieve incredible performance.

By utilizing the latest metals, coatings, and alloys, these engines are becoming even more powerful. This in turn is allowing drivers and speed junkies to squeeze every last mile per hour out of their supercars. Automakers are also always looking for better materials that can withstand the incredibly high temperatures and pressures of engine work. And, with this research, every new generation of engines can reach even greater speeds.

Modern Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of a vehicle can also play a major role in its speed and performance. To work around outdated aerodynamic principles, some drivers have taken to experimenting with new shapes and designs.

From highly efficient spoilers to dramatic body modifications, modern aerodynamics are pushing familiar vehicles to unheard-of speeds. And, with just a few alterations, cars and motorbikes can become incredibly aerodynamic. In some cases, the addition of a simple spoiler is enough to help break a land speed record!

Safety Features

Of course, with such high speeds and powerful vehicles, safety features are a major priority. As the technology of speed racers evolves, so too must the safety measures taken while behind the wheel.

Innovative safety systems such as automatic braking, digital speedometers, and anti-lock brakes have been standard in modern cars for years. Now race car drivers are also adopting these technologies, allowing them to make target speeds with greater security. And, with more sophisticated helmet designs, drivers can even stay collapsible at speeds of over 200 mph!


From new engines to advanced safety measures, the recent innovations in technology have pushed land speed records to new heights. By exploiting the science behind speed, more drivers than ever before are now able to safely make incredible speeds. As research continues to revolutionize the way we travel, we’re only just beginning to glimpse the limits of what our vehicles can do.

All things considered, there’s more excitement surrounding land speed records than ever before. With new tech, amazing speeds are now commonplace on roads and raceways around the world.