Bumper To Bumper: Simple Steps For DIY Bodywork And Dent Repair

Bumper detail

Do-it-yourself bodywork and dent repair can save you time and money, and with a few tips and supplies you have everything you need to fix dings, dents, and scratches all over your car’s body. Here are some steps to help you complete the job.

Gather Supplies

Gather the supplies you will need: an electric drill, a sanding block, a sheet metal cutter, a metal file, a wax polishing wheel, and polishing compound. You may also need adhesive, a car body filler, and a painter’s masking tape.

Inspect the Damage

Inspect the damage, the extent of the dent, and the type of material that was damaged. If the dent is in a plastic bumper, then the repair process will be different than if the dent is in a steel panel. Once you know the type of material, you can plan a repair strategy.

Drill Holes

Begin by drilling a hole in the center of the dent. The hole should be slightly larger than the head of the screw that will be used to pull the dent out. Move the drill in a back-and-forth motion while keeping the head of the drill centred in the dent in order to drill a uniform hole.

Attach Pulling and Pushing Tools

Attach a pulling tool to the hole in order to pull the dent out from the center. Push tools can be used to push the edges of the dent outward as well. Use a hammer to tap the tools into place.

Sand and File

Once the dent is removed, you may still need to use sandpaper or a metal file to smooth out any rough edges or ridges around the edges of the dent. You may need multiple grades of sandpaper in order to achieve a smooth finish. Use a sanding block to help you sand the surface evenly.

Paint and Polish

If the repair requires it, use painter’s masking tape to cover the area that you do not wish to be painted. Prime the panel with a self-etching primer and then apply a coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, use a wax polishing wheel and polishing compound to buff out any blemishes or irregularities.


Dent repair does not have to be left up to the professionals. With just a few tools and the right technique, you can do the job yourself. Remember to inspect the damage and the material before starting, drill a hole, use tools to pull and push the dents outward, sand and file if necessary, and paint and polish the area. With these steps, you can do simple bodywork and dent repairs in no time!